An excellent book + matching coursework --> learning wherever you are

An excellent book for learning practical CSS to improve your web design abilities.

Some of these quizzes might be rather difficult, but wrestling with them and learning to do well on them will help you to internalize useful information about CSS. You can take these quizzes as closed-book or open-book, even if you might have to retake some multiple times to get an excellent score. :-)

CSS: The Missing Manual
Pick a chapter or part

Chapter 1: Rethinking HTML for CSS
Chapter 2: Creating Styles and Style Sheets
Chapter 3: Selectors
Chapter 3 Extra: Advanced Material That Doesn't Work in Some Versions of IE, and Which Some Students Might Consider Less Important
Chapter 4: Saving Time with Style Inheritance
Chapter 5: Managing Multiple Styles: The Cascade
Chapter 6: Formatting Text
Chapter 7: Margins, Padding, and Borders
Chapter 8: Adding Graphics to Web Pages
Chapter 9: Sprucing Up Your Site's Navigation
Chapter 10: Formatting Tables and Forms
Chapter 11: Introducing CSS Layout
Chapter 12: Building Float-Based-Layouts