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You read one of the excellent books we've picked out, and we provide the chapter quizzes (and possibly other exercises) to convert the book into a course. The coursework helps you practice and reinforce your understanding of the material.

It's like a free university you can carry around with you.

Get one of the books listed below, read a chapter, and begin!

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CSS: The Missing Manual2nd editionDavid Sawyer McFarlandO'ReillyAn excellent book for learning practical CSS to improve your web design abilities.

Some of these quizzes might be rather difficult, but wrestling with them and learning to do well on them will help you to internalize useful information about CSS. You can take these quizzes as closed-book or open-book, even if you might have to retake some multiple times to get an excellent score. :-)
You should first know at least basic-to-intermediate HTML.
ZZZ: The Example Book1st editionExample AuthorExample Maker PublishingFictional example book, for testing the website.This book requires basic literacy. Integral calculus is also helpful.